Briana Trautman-Maier

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Selected TheatreCredits

Sloth Girl Brian O'Halloran New Jersey Repertory Theatre
Butterflies Are Free Jill Tanner Jack Burke Shadow Lawn Stages, NJ
SubUrban Legend Brittany / Brianna Janice Goldberg Blueberry Pond Arts Center, NY
...And Then There Were None Vera Claythorne George Hansel Shadow Lawn Stages, NJ
Featherless Angels Sadira David Esbjornson Connecticut Repertory Theatre
Da The Yellow Peril Jack Burke Shadow Lawn Stages, NJ
The Sea Hjördís Kristina O'Neal The Luminous Group Theatre, NYC
Book Group Fiona Faith Catlin Signal and Noise Productions, NH
Missionaries Sandy Yesenia Beutel _gaia / cuchipinoy productions, NYC
Macbeth First Witch Gil Rambach The Shakespeare Project, NJ
Brutality of Fact Maggie Kristin Wold Connecticut Repertory Theatre
Hamlet Player Queen u/s Gertrude Eric Hill Connecticut Repertory Theatre