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Monógamo Sucesivo lead Pablo Basulto Punto Ciego Producciones, CHILE
Sunflowers lead Paul Alexander Mott Street Studios
Different Shades of You lead Michael Bigney Skylab/The Moving Picture Gallery
Cinematherapy     Women's Entertainment Network
Every Waking Moment lead Kevin Sheideler Fairleigh Dickinson University
Metamorphosis of my Inner Anthology lead X. Sydney Ng SUNY Purchase
Recap lead William Drawbridge Independent Production
Let Down lead Bryan Dembinski New York University
Male Order lead Duff Dugan School of Visual Arts
Lucky Day lead Michael Raspantini Madchill Productions
Saints and Sinners featured Rashaan Russell RNR Works
James and Ludmila supporting Amos Kollek AmKo Productions
All The Wrong Faces supporting Michael Gongora Hilltop Productions
Ride With The D.E.V.I.L. supporting Miguel Rivera Columbia University