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About Me

CURRENT: I started my production company, Earl Productions, at long last! Earl's first project isThe Color of Flesh by Joel Gross. It's currently in rehearsals to open April 5th. Email me at for more information. A separate websiteis now live at

UPCOMING: I'm getting married! Actually, I already am. My husband, Roger, and I, went to City Hall on December 22nd, 2006, with our families and a few close friends to tie the knot. I am now Briana Seferian, although I haven't made the switch in my acting career as of yet. July 22nd, 2007, we will have a bigger wedding in Litchfield Connecticut, with the rest of our family and friends, and then I will change my name for my career (my driver's license and all the official stuff already has my new name, but I just couldn't deal with more paperwork just yet!)

NEXT: I'm playing a 17 year old fat girl (awesome!) from Belfast (even better, I love new accents) in Belle From Belfast for the Festival of New Works at NYU at the end of March.

IMDB: Thanks to Monógamo Sucesivo, I'm on IMDB!!!

eyes: blue
hair: blonde
height: 5’5”

I am an actress in NYC—I usually play girl-next-door, girlfriend-of-the-lead-type roles, aged anywhere from 15 (I'm not kidding, that was less than a year ago!) to late 20's. I moved here in 2002 after graduating with Honors Summa Cum Laude from the University of Connecticut with a BFA in Acting. Since then, I have appeared in over a dozen plays, many many independent films and countless readings of new work in New York and regionally including Featherless Angels at Connecticut Repertory Theatre directed by Tony-award winning director David Esbjornson.  One of my films, Monógamo Sucesivo, is currently making the film festival rounds internationally, including the Festival de Málaga in Spain, and opened a film festival in Chile where the films were screened in caves.  I'm a member of the New Jersey Repertory Company, First Look Theatre Company at NYU, and Actor's Equity Association.

Random info: I speak Spanish fluently (with an odd mix of gringa/Colombia/Chile accent - my husband is Colombian and my sister lives in Chile) and I've travelled to 22 countries including 14 weeks of backpacking through Europe by myself from Ireland to Cyprus with a side trip to the Great Pyramids in Egypt. I have an impressive horror-movie scream (Connecticut Repertory Theatre has it in their sound files). My day job is as an Assistant Technical Designer for Knitwear at Liz Claiborne Apparel (freelance now, since my acting career keeps blissfully interrupting, much to HR's frustration). Sample sales are a great perk.

Writing: I've always been one of those people who writes. Bad poetry, bizarre little short stories, and ever since a fabulous professor of mine in college, Gina Barreca, convinced me to try, plays. The next (possibly to be produced by Earl Productions) is Digging for Damian.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom!

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